Monday, January 17, 2011


I've been thinking of the Latin phrase "ORDO AB CHAO" meaning ORDER OUT OF CHAOS. It is something that we all do. Born into a crazy world we stretch our brains to make sense of a senseless world, we form languages and societies, create myths and even wars in search of our place in the universe. During a difficult period in his life ground-breaking pshycologist Carl Jung devoted much of his time investigating the nature of the unconscious, Jung frequently painted or drew mandalas, but only learned to understand the mandala symbology many years later. Jung believed that his mandalas were “cryptograms” of the state of the self as it was on the day the mandala was created. He also believed that mandalas appear in connection with dreams, chaotic psychic states of disorientation or panic as they did in Jung’s own life, and that a function of the mandalas is to bring order out of chaos.
I've decided that there is something calming and centering about taking a 'natural' shaped plant and making it into something entirely new, and perhaps recognizable and orderly.

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