Monday, January 3, 2011

BeHi Bonsai in the Seattle Times

Stop holding your breath, the Seattle Times article on BeHi Bonsai is out now! Go read it! Here it is!

Thanks Val Easton for recognizing our neighborhoods unique contributions. This has already opened a flood gate of information so I will be posting more soon.


  1. PlantAmnesty? There are organizations looking out for the rights of Chloroplast-Americans now? Call me a bigot, but I'm all for keeping Chloroplast-Americans in their place, which is in the ground, covered in shade and sunlight suitable for their health, along with suitable amounts of water and nutrients. After that's taken care of, their grooming should be celebrated.

    Anyway, good for the Times, their non-editorial side anyway, and congratulations on the write-up- richly deserved.