Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bonsai of the YEAR!

Have you ever seen a circus performer spinning plates on the end of long sticks and wondered how they did it? Is it some kind of a trick? Are the plates glued on somehow? In our hearts we know that this has actually come from a good sense of balance and years and years of practice, but it is always amazing to see.

I though of these spinning plates recently when I ran across this AMAZING bonsai garden on the east side of mid Beacon Hill. The shrubbery seems to defy gravity as it is suspended in hovering circles floating above the branches. Rings of foliage waft above the ground magically as if there is some unseen creature underground blowing leafy smoke rings for our amusement.

This yard is a real show stopper and I'm not taking it lightly when I'm officially naming it Behi Bonsai's YARD OF THE YEAR!! This yard is a labor of love, a testament to patience, artistic ability and frankly one of the coolest yards I've ever seen on or off the hill.


  1. where's this place at? I wanna see for myself!

  2. Hi Dan, I always feel a little strange posting addresses publicly. email me at behi.bonsai@gmail.com and I will give it to you.