Monday, March 30, 2009

Best viewing on Beacon Hill

I first fell in love with the topiary aesthetic when working briefly in
Japan 10 years ago. Clearly there was a simple traditional Asian
influence at play in the walled gardens, shrines and temples of Kyoto,
but it had grown past this into a more modern art form that could be
found in the hippest neighborhoods of Tokyo.

Fast forward 10 years later and I’m living on Beacon Hill. With it’s
large Asian population combined with the laid back west coast lifestyle
it has become a perfect breeding ground for a fashionable Bonsai that is less
feng shui and more funk-schway. Beacon Hill hosts a variety of well groomed bushes that are just as much at home in front of mid-century modernist architecture as the classic Beacon Hill Bungalow and every variety in between, this website is dedicated to the love of that aesthetic and of the tragic and amazing baggage that comes with it.

Having said all of that after walking the circumference of the hill, I
think that the area with the highest percentage of Bonsai is the few
blocks immediately west of Jefferson Park. I found myself unable to
walk down one side of the street and instead zig zagged back and forth
admiring all of the well trimmed hedges. So if you don’t feel like
walking 18 miles but you would still like to experience a little bonsai
whiplash from admiring a lot of well trimmed shrubbery than I would
recommend this part of the neighborhood.

CLARIFICATION: I'm talking about the blocks a few blocks west and south west of Jefferson park on the other side of 15th. Probably 13th Ave S is the best street.

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